Quick, easy, and efficient price comparison across multiple BMW parts vendors.

· Why a downloadable tool? What are some of the benefits?

Being a downloadable tool, BMW PNPC offers some unique advantages over a traditional web-based search engine.

All sites are returned in a single browser window, each site conveniently in its own tab. The "OE Price" feature also instantly lists current/best prices from vendors selling Genuine BMW parts, and prices can be exported to Excel for easy spreadsheet creation with the price matrix template. Selections and settings can be saved for future searches, including preferred vendors, default search behavior, and more.

Additionally, the tool allows you to search for any part number from any program by holding "Ctrl" or "Shift" and right-clicking on the selected text. So, if you're looking at a diagram on RealOEM, reading through a DIY online, or making an inventory list in Excel, you can select any of those part numbers and search vendors right then and there (see video under "Integrated Search").

· Where can I download the Excel price matrix template I saw in the video?

The template was designed to be used in conjunction with the instant "OE Price" feature of BMW PNPC, but feel free to modify it to your liking. You can download the template here: BMW PNPC v3.1.0 - OE Price Matrix Template.xlsx

· If there's no installation necessary, how do I uninstall it?

Simply delete the program if you no longer wish to use it. BMW PNPC is a standalone application. Simply download and use.

· Does the tool only support US vendors?

While my firsthand experience is only with US vendors, there is an "international" section of the tool that is slowly expanding as users provide more feedback. I've bought parts from almost every US vendor this tool supports, but will need help in compiling a list of reliable vendors for other parts of the world. If you would like to see support for a different region, please send me the vendors you'd like to see included by clicking here.

· How do I find part numbers for my BMW?

RealOEM and Penske Parts are both online BMW parts catalogs that allow you to search for parts by VIN number, keyword, or by year and model. The websites offer exploded views of parts diagrams and can also be searched from the BMW PNPC tool itself to supplement already known part numbers with relevant diagrams and information.

· What’s the difference between parts labeled as OE, OEM, OES, and Aftermarket?

There is often confusion between these terms and some important distinctions should be made when used in reference to parts. I’ve created a separate page on the website to discuss this fully, located here: OE / OEM / OES / Aftermarket BMW Parts.

· Why is the file size for the Mac version so much larger than the Windows one?

On my connection, it takes about two minutes to download the Mac version (195mb) vs. two seconds for the Windows one (460kb). Reason for the size difference is because I used WineBottler to convert much of the already existing Windows program to Mac. Converting to Mac includes some additional resources for everything to work correctly, which is what adds to the file size.

Didn't know about WineBottler until I started looking into creating a Mac version, but it's pretty nifty and might be useful for someone looking to do something similar: http://winebottler.kronenberg.org.

· Does it matter whether I hold "Ctrl" or "Shift" for the right-click feature?

Holding either while right-clicking do the same thing (searches any highlighted part number from any program). The reason for allowing both is simply to provide some user preference, as well as to ensure the feature is compatible across a greater range of programs ("Ctrl" + right-clicking, or vice versa, may not be allowed in some programs and this accommodates both). See video under "Integrated Search" for examples.

· How do I suggest a new vendor or feature be added?

Feel free to suggest improvements and provide feedback directly via the e-mail button in the "Contact" section (or by clicking here), as well as by visiting any of the BMW forum threads located here.

· Can I leave a tip for when the tool saves me money?

Of course! If you'd like to show your appreciation and pass along some of the savings, please click here to drop a tip in the tip jar. Your support is greatly appreciated and helps cover the cost of domain and hosting fees, supports future updates, and keeps the project alive.

· Do you collect any personally identifiable information?

I’m a big privacy advocate and no personal information is collected whatsoever. I do have some analytics set up to see how many times this tool is downloaded and used, as I’m excited to see how much interest it gets. If you have any additional questions about any of the information above or a question that's not addressed, please don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks!

· I don't own a BMW but like the concept. Is there anything like this for other vehicles?

Yes, there is! I've also created a shopping tool specific to Audi parts, as well, and am in the process of expanding the project to other vehicles. The most time-consuming task is locating popular/reliable vendors for vehicles other than my own. If you'd like to see this program for makes other than BMW and Audi, please get in touch by clicking here. If you're interested in the Audi PNPC tool, please visit the official website at www.audipnpc.com.

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